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Our office of web developers is always buzzing with excitement for the newest releases. Whether we are talking about sneakers, video games or softwares, we are self-confessed shoppers who know the requirements of any performant ecommerce platform. Combined with our insight as programmers, we know the exact recipe for a PWA solution that increases conversions and is user-friendly enough that items don’t lie forgotten in the shopping cart.

Our passion for computing has remained the only constant in an ever-changing industry. The most valuable lesson that we learnt since working in this field is that premium quality technology needs to be a priority. We apply this same principle to all of our projects, and advise that you do the same.

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Our story

Our story starts, as all the best stories do, with humble beginnings. Over a decade ago, we founded a web development agency in a dingy apartment with a very limited budget . Since then, we developed thousands of websites and delved into thousands of online projects from scratch, web design to SEO campaigns. This decade-old experience proved to be the ideal foundation for 2 Cart. We understand the ins-and-outs of web solutions as well as e-commerce lore. It was only a matter of time until we pulled our sleeves up and started working on an innovative SaaS offering of our own.

Our goal

We are always on the hunt for “the best”, “the fastest”, “the smoothest”. We did not want to launch a SaaS solution without it being a superlative that we could trust to bring us 100% customer satisfaction. Which is why 2cart has undergone many tests and revisions before we agreed on the Superhero version you can demo here. Incentivized by the current context, we ramped up the engines and sourced the most performant technologies to form a comprehensive e-commerce solution that ticks all the boxes.

Unbeatable Performance

Why be average when you can be more? 2 Cart boasts all the benefits of Progressive Web Apps: faster loading process, connectivity independence, progressive enhancement and the list goes on.

Turnkey Solution

E-commerce without any hassle. A fully customized solution could take months to implement and launch, 2cart makes everything easier. Choosing 2cart means having the launch date just around the corner. Let us take care of system administration, while you focus on growing your business.

User-friendly Design

Our SaaS platform centers around ease of use. It is designed to streamline the creation and maintenance process for e-commerce websites so that stores are ready for purchases in a matter of clicks.

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It is one thing for us to talk about ourselves.
It is another thing to have our customers talk about our contribution to their businesses:

Bogdan Munteanu
I have been working in the e-commerce sector for over a decade and I was already familiar with the longwinded process of web dev from scratch. While researching shortcuts to ecommerce, I stumbled upon 2 Cart. Fantastic service and an even more fantastic team, wholly deserving of all the praise. I’ve noticed improvements in conversions and time spent on page, I am now a devotee of PWAs for sure!
Cosmin Stamate
I appreciate how quickly things get moving with 2 Cart. I had no time (nor money) to waste, and this service delivered just what I needed in the shortest amount of time. Also, on top of being efficient, it is super budget friendly, which helped a lot with my startup idea.

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