NaturMix is a thriving startup with huge ambitions in the digital space and a great potential to grow. Launched in the current COVID-19 pandemic with the following mission in mind: to bring qualitative organic products to a wide range of customers. The online store is oriented to people interested in living an active life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In the era of speed, people search for a fast and easy access to a large diversity of products at one tap, and this is why more and more businesses are building their strategy to target mobile website traffic.

1) Traffic website:

According to the 2019 Ecommerce Year in Review, traffic and sales are mostly generated by mobile devices, i.e. 63% for traffic and 53% for sales. Although NaturMix was first developed on the PrestaShop platform, it wasn't adapted for mobile eCommerce. As a consequence, most of the mobile visits didn't result in acquisitions.

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Audience overview behaviour of website’s traffic on Prestashop

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Audience overview behaviour of website’s traffic with 2 Cart

After integrating 2 Cart technologies, the number of conversions generated by mobile traffic has increased to 186 from around 8k users compared to 126 from 34k users. Furthermore, we noticed that PWA (Progressive web app) improved user experience, and we managed to create a better framework that stimulates users to buy. The main advantage of using PWA is that it simulates a native app with fewer costs. Therefore, it allows business owners to have access to better functionalities for their website but with fewer investments made.

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NaturMix acquisition overview with 2 Cart

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NaturMix acquisition overview with Prestashop

The above-mentioned comparison was released in a period of two months (1st of march - 1st of may 2021), the traffic being sent from Google Ads and Facebook Ads at the same time, targeting the same audience and keywords.

2) Time spent on site increased by more than 20%

Every online business owner wishes for only one thing: increased revenue, and the leading indicator when it comes to online business stores is time spent on site. By implementing 2Cart for NaturMix, we convinced users to spend 20.63% more time on the website. One of the main factors generating the increased time spent is Elasticsearch, a cutting edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to query a database dynamically. It’s a search engine capable of responding to a massive number of requests with supersonic speed. Using this technology allows customers to find the products they searched for easily, and create product query patterns based on user previous behaviour on site in order to bring fast search results. Definitely, this contributes directly to the user experience by showing relevant products faster, and this can also be seen in a drop of bounce rate by 6%.

3) Decreased Bounce rate by 6%

Bounce rate is a "hard nut to crack", especially for mobile e-commerce where the user behaviour is different than the one on desktop. However, it’s an essential factor that affects your ranking on search engines and a KPI that offers good insights about your online business status. After integrating 2 Cart, the bounce rate overall decreased by 6%, and specifically on mobile devices has been reduced even more, i.e. by 7.56%. This drop was influenced by the site loading speed, the mobile optimization, the dynamic product loading on the homepage and by product category. Through PWA, NaturMix took the best out of the mobile traffic. In addition, optimizing the mobile version with the PWA standards allowed users to use the add to screen button that increased users engagement and therefore, helped to reduce the bounce rate on site.

4) 2% Increased conversion rate

NaturMix is a new brand in the Romanian market, with tough competition, and therefore, it’s a challenge to engage its customers. PrestaShop offers a lot of flexibility for the user and customization of an online shop. However, using 2 Cart technology, a small yet undiscovered online store has managed to increase its conversion rate to 2% in just a few months. From the number of around 34k visitors to the online store resulted in only 126 transactions on prestashop (0.30% conversion rate), 2 Cart achieved a 2% conversion rate in the same period with 4x less traffic.

5) Cost per Lead on Facebook Ads decreased by 63%

Facebook Ads is a sensitive topic for businesses whose promotion is based on them, mainly because of less attention’s time of users. Nevertheless, the ads started for the mobile version of NaturMix were profitable. The running campaigns generated more conversions, because of the design and the usability of the new website. Vue.js is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks nowadays. Implementing this technology was the way forward for NaturMix. The result? Cost per lead decreased significantly, therefore, generated revenue with less money invested in promotion.

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"2Cart was a real help for the online store. It helped us to efficiently adapt the structure of the platform in order to be more accessible to mobile users, which represent 80% of the entire traffic. We were able to benefit from functionalities that are much more difficult to integrate in the platform on the responsive version. Our sales have increased considerably and the users' journey on the site is much easier. I recommend it to all those who want to sell guaranteed on mobile!"

                                                    Oana Bidirean, General Manager


2 Cart was the needed solution for NaturMix to grow in revenue and to gain new engaged customers. Implementing 2 Cart technologies made NaturMix to be one step ahead of its competitors. It can be observed that the bounce rate decreased by 6% overall and by 7.5% on mobile. Time spent on site increased by more than 20% due to the friendly front-end of PWA that simulates a native app interface. Moreover, the conversion rate increased by 2% with 4x less traffic.

Are you impressed by NaturMix’s performance? Do you want to increase your revenue by implementing first cutting edge technologies? Contact us and upgrade your business with 2 Cart.