How it works

Results-oriented process developed to bring your business idea to life in as few clicks as possible. Maximum performance from us, minimal effort from your part.

Create or migrate. We support both picks.

Whether you choose to start afresh or to migrate your website, the process remains foolproof. Summarized into a few easy steps, this is how 2Cart gets things done:

Step 1

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Establish your needs

We meet, we analyse, we devise. After an initial discussion, we make sure your needs are understood and pinpointed so we can prepare accordingly.

Step 2

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Brainstorm and plan

The second step is composing our answers to your needs. Taking into consideration every detail of our introductory discussion, our team will work on a strategy for your e-commerce platform, which will then be sent for your approval.

Step 3

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Design and implement the project

The most sizable step by far is the design and implementation aspect; not only is it the most time-consuming, it is also heavily dependent on collaboration between our team and yours. Aided by PWAs, JS frameworks and quicksilver search engines, this is when we ‘furnish’ your online store with performance-enhancing technologies.

Step 4

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Double check every nook and cranny

At this point of the process, there is no room for mishaps or slips. Every pixel is scrutinized and tested, from the design to the UX to the payment process. After the project is greenlit, we offer you clear training on website maintenance.

Step 5

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Deliver the final product

Last but not least, we will deliver and celebrate the final outcome. The keys to your webstore are now in your hands.

‘Believe and Doubt Not’ is a thing of the past. Ask us questions.

While some of our experts are busy writing code for 2 Cart, others spend their time responding to all your inquiries.

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We work transparently and collaboratively. If you ‘re also guided by the same principles, join us now!